The Best Bathroom for your Individual or Family Needs

When it comes to updating the outdated bathroom or tub to shower conversion, practical requirements and personal preferences are varied. Consideration should be given to the age and needs of the users. Factor in children or grandchildren, any disabilities and the process of growing older.

Affordable Bathtub Conversions in Phoenix, Arizona: Available Options and Advantages

Conversion of an existing bathtub to shower is an option which is available in the local area. The various designs from which you can select all have several inherent advantages and benefits. Walk In showers are a popular feature which also increases home value and future saleability.



When undertaking affordable bathtub Conversions in Phoenix, Arizona always consider safety aspects. Due to risk of falling or slipping, bathrooms are high risk areas. Walking into a shower is simpler and safer as hazards associated with having to step over a bathtub to get in or out are avoided. Bathtubs are narrow and inevitably slippery. They are even risky for children and are documented drowning hazards if there is any lapse in adult supervision.

Bathroom floor area and functional space are maximized by the installation of a walk in area or bathtub conversion. Towel drying can also occur in a warm setting where there is additional space. Safety features are available options for extra security. These include shower seats and safety rails. Showers provide extra room in which to move. Emerging into colder air to dry off is avoided and so is water dripping onto the bathroom floor. The risk of slipping and falling is subsequently minimized.


Converting a bathtub into a walk in shower provides a cleaner environment with associated health benefits. Keeping the converted shower area clean and surfaces dry is easier than with a tub. Installation of shower screens which are easily wiped down negates the need for shower curtains and avoids the mold and mildew they collect. The extra space gained from converting a tub into a walk in shower enables thorough and easy cleaning which promotes hygiene.


The average cost for Bathtub Conversions in Phoenix, Arizona is reported as $10,490. Prices vary from a low cost of $3,500 to a higher price range of $20,000. Pricing data and comparison of professional providers can be obtained by visiting It is convenient and free to compare and check on-line for verified ratings and actual reviews of customer satisfaction with projects carried out locally. Data provided regarding costing is both national and local to Phoenix. Estimated costs of a project are updated regularly. Affordable local providers of bathtub conversions can be sourced on-line.

Provider Credentials

Check the professional credentials of your provider. Determine how long and therefore how successfully they have been in business locally. This is also an indicator as to level of experience and expertise. The provider should hold a current trade license in the state of operation. They should have an assigned lisense number and an expiry date which does not occur prior to the completion of your project.

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