Anyone who heads to their local plant nursery on a regular basis knows that buying plants and gardening supplies isn’t cheap. It is easy to spend a ton of money and still not have everything that you need. Luckily, there are some easy ways to have a garden without breaking the bank. Read on for a list of four of them provided by Gardening Landscaping Ideas who have a variety of tips and tricks for your garden.

Make Your Own Compost

Home-made compost is rich in nutrition that plants need to stay healthy. To make your own, simply start a scrap pile in a corner of your backyard. Layer old leaves with dirt and vegetable and fruit peelings. But avoid grass clippings because they have seeds that can spread grass into your garden. Don’t add leftover meat products or animal droppings either, since they could have parasites. Turn the compost regularly to aerate it. It should be ready to use in a couple of months.

Homemade Gardening

Home-made Pots

There is no need to buy flower pots when you can make them. Get some clay from the craft store. Form it into some creative shapes. Then, bake the pots in the oven. When they are completely cooled down, they will be ready to use. Other household objects can be used for containers too, such as old coffee cans and tea cups.


Instead of spending a fortune on plants that you want, ask a friend who has them if you can get a cutting to propagate. Each type of plant prefers different propagation methods though, so get a book on the topic if you need help. Don’t forget to get some rooting hormone for the process. It makes the cuttings take root faster than they normally would.

Grow From Seeds

A packet of seeds costs next to nothing. And since it only takes one seed to grow one plant, this option is much cheaper when you want to have a larger number of plants for your garden. Growing plants from seeds takes a lot longer though. So the trick is to get them started indoors several weeks before the planting season begins.

So remember, lots of gardeners use these four easy methods of gardening on a budget. And plant nurseries do too because it saves them money in growing their products for sale. So if you have any questions about how to do any of these tasks, all you have to do is ask!

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